Chautauqua County’s two extensive Overland Trails are being aggressively marketed as a means of attracting greater numbers of visitors to the area. For some visitors, trails and outdoor attractions are the primary lure—for others they are a secondary attraction that helps to increase stay length and enjoyment. By increasing consumer awareness of the two trails, and improving accessibility, Chautauqua County will establish a stronger set of experiences for visitors to visit the destination area.

Grant deliverables include:

  • A new brand and logo for delineating trail infrastructure and information resources
  • New information resources, including updated maps and a brand new trails website
  • New trailblazers signs along trail routes
  • A enhanced social media presence

The new Overland Trails website is the place to see all of the new marketing materials and to learn more about the trails. You can also follow the Overland Trails on Instagram @hikechautauqua.