Economic DevelopmentNews

The Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Development and the Chautauqua Region Economic Development Corporation are working collaboratively with a multitude of public and private partners to advance a two-phase economic development strategy process. Phase One of this process resulted in the completion of the Chautauqua County Economic Development Organizational Plan, which recommended the formation of a project-based, private/public economic development “collaborative”, the Chautauqua County Partnership for Economic Growth (CCPEG). The Partnership is the convening mechanism to enable county-wide economic development stakeholders to work together in the development and implementation of a County-wide Economic Development Strategic Plan (Phase Two), which will build on Phase One by developing an Economic Development Strategic Plan to ensure that public and private efforts advance transformative projects tied to key metrics. The Economic Development Strategic Plan will contain high-level ideas and a clear vision with specific tactics, projects, programs, services, and policies to be updated or initiated. The strategy will also evaluate and make recommendations regarding market conditions; capacity, resources, commitments to taking action; the building of trust and communication networks; and a measuring and evaluating progress.