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The Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Development, in collaboration with the Department of Health and CHQ Transit, is excited to announce the launch of the first annual Active Transportation Week.

This year Active Transportation week will be held May 13 to May 17 and local residents are being encouraged to utilize the county’s public transportation system – CARTS – or simply use an alternative mode of transportation other than their personal motor vehicle. Friday, May 17 will also focus on riding a bike to work. This will be followed up by two family-friendly Group Bicycle Rides in Jamestown and Dunkirk. Participants can jump on to ride with friends, coworkers, and family.

The local effort is part of a nationwide initiative aimed at reducing single-rider vehicle trips, slashing CO2 emissions, and fostering a vibrant, interconnected community. Whether it’s walking, biking, skating, bussing, or carpooling, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Such endeavors underscore the strategic imperative of prioritizing accessible and sustainable modes of mobility.

“Encouraging a greater number of individuals to embrace public transit, cycling, or walking isn’t just good for Chautauqua County—it’s a win-win for everyone!” explained Stephanie Nick, Chautauqua County Special Project Coordinator. “When our communities invest in making it easier and safer to get around without dependence on cars, we all reap the rewards. From substantial savings in healthcare costs and personal expenditures to fostering the growth of local businesses and communities, the shift towards accessible and sustainable modes of mobility is the way of the future.”

Information on bus schedules and prices can be found online at Interested residents can also call CHQ Transit at 1-800-388-6534 to talk to a live person who will help plan the best route. Anyone interested in participating in Active Transportation Week can register at Registration is not required, but will help with planning for subsequent years.

For more information, contact Stephanie Nick at (716) 661-8214 or email, or simply visit and be a part of the movement towards a greener, healthier future.