Sectors: Distribution, Processing, Transportation, Wholesale

James Galbato is the Director of Operations for Brigiotta’s Farmland Produce in Jamestown, New York. Brigiotta’s has a hand in food distribution, wholesaling, and transportation. Brigiotta’s produce comes from local farmers, food auctions, as well as co-operatives. They transport products locally and regionally, extending out to about a 100 mile radius as far as Erie, PA and Rochester, NY. In his time at Brigiotta’s, James has observed disconnects in communications between farmers and distributors, saying that growers may have the products distributors are looking for, but distributors don’t know what may be available to them locally. He also notes that growers may not always have the qualifications needed to sell to wholesalers, which may prevent them from expanding into other markets. He hopes that the Council will address transportation within the local food system and anticipate potential impacts of upcoming grocery delivery services to the local food system.