Our Values

As planning and community development professionals, we value:

  • The development of viable communities through the wise use of natural, economic, social, and human resources.
  • Civic involvement to improve the quality of community life.
  • The uniqueness of communities and individuals.
  • Internal and external collaborations.
  • Education as a means to grow and help people identify assets, needs and solutions.
  • Creativity required to find unique answers to difficult issues.

Our Responsibilities

The Department provides staff support to the Chautauqua County Planning Board, Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board, Environmental Management Council, Food Policy Council and the Lake Erie Management Council.

The Department has a broad range of responsibilities. These include the following:

  • Conducting GMP 239 reviews of local zoning actions.
  • Providing technical assistance to municipalities.
  • Grant administration and oversight.
  • New York State Agricultural District Reviews and Inclusions.
  • Coordination and assisting with planning projects.
  • Trail development.
  • Oversight and development of Chautauqua County’s Comprehensive Plan.