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Agricultural Districts protect Chautauqua County’s farmland from the adverse effects of development by providing certain protections to the farming community. The benefits include limits to local regulation, limits to publicly funded construction and eminent domain projects, and discouragement of private nuisance lawsuits. Agricultural districts are not zoning districts. Learn more about NYS Agriculture Districts Program.

8-Year Review

As instructed by NYS Agricultural & Market Law, the County oversees a review of each Agricultural District every eight years. This review differs from the annual inclusion process in that redistricting (both inclusion and exclusion) can be enacted under one resolution by the County Legislature. This is an opportunity for landowners in each Agricultural District to assist the County in evaluating the current status of agriculture, and to propose modifications to the district boundaries, if any.

Note: This is the only period by which parcels can be removed from the district.

During the review period, landowners are asked to complete the Chautauqua County Agricultural District Review Worksheet.

2021 Agricultural District Review Documents

See below a list of each district’s area and municipalities:

District 1: 53,630 Acres

  • Town of Portland
  • Town of Ripley
  • Town of Westfield
  • Village of Brocton
  • Village of Westfield

District 2: 59,942 Acres

  • City of Dunkirk
  • Town of Dunkirk
  • Town of Hanover
  • Town of Pomfret
  • Town of Sheridan
  • Village of Fredonia
  • Village of Silver Creek

District 6: 40,143 Acres

  • Town of Harmony
  • Town of North Harmony
  • Town of Sherman
  • Village of Panama
  • Village of Sherman

District 7: 54,334 Acres

  • Town of Clymer
  • Town of French Creek
  • Town of Mina

District 8: 52,423 Acres

  • Town of Chautauqua
  • Town of Ellery
  • Town of Stockton
  • Village of Bemus Point
  • Village of Cassadaga
  • Village of Mayville

District 10: 60,595 Acres

  • Town of Arkwright
  • Town of Cherry Creek
  • Town of Ellington
  • Town of Villenova
  • Village of Cherry Creek

District 11: 21,313 Acres

  • City of Jamestown
  • Town of Ellicott
  • Town of Poland
  • Village of Celoron
  • Village of Falconer

District 12: 25,356 Acres

  • Town of Busti
  • Town of Carroll
  • Town of Kiantone
  • Village of Lakewood

District 13: 24,219 Acres

  • Town of Charlotte
  • Town of Gerry
  • Village of Sinclairville

General Review Process

The Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Development has been designated as the agency responsible for conducting Agricultural District Reviews.

  1. The County receives notice for NYS Ag & Markets that a district review must be completed.
  2. The County published a Notice of Review of the district and collects responses to the Chautauqua County Agricultural District Review Worksheet.
  3. Based on the responses, a report is prepared and presented to the Chautauqua County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board (AFPB).
  4. After reviewing the report, the AFPB prepare a recommendation of proposed modifications of the district’s boundaries to the County Legislature.
  5. The County Legislature holds a Public Hearing.
  6. Based on the results of the Public Hearing and, a resolution is put forth to the County Legislature to enact the modifications, if any.
  7. All materials, resolutions and other documentation are submitted to NYS Ag & Markets for approval that the review process was conducted properly according to Agricultural District Law.