Since 1790, the United States has conducted a census, or count, of the U.S. population every ten years. The last U.S. Census was in 2010, with the next scheduled for 2020.  In the years following the census, vast amounts of information are made public. The American Community Survey is a questionnaire that contains questions about housing, employment, income, poverty, commuting times, educational attainment and enrollment, disabilities, and a multitude of other areas. This vast amount of data is used to determine congressional districts federal and state policy and is often required for many state and federal grants.

The data that is collected by the Census and the American Community Survey is made available to the public through a website called the American Fact Finder.  This website allows you to access tables that provide high-level data and drill down into specifics.  Click here to access the American Fact Finder. The below graphs are provided by the Census Reporter,  a Knight News Challenge-funded project to make it easier to use information from the U.S. Census bureau. The below graphs from the Census Reporter provide quick visualisations related to population, housing, economics, and a multitude of other statistics below.



Marital Status & Fertility